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Glass Repairs Services


  • Glass (all sizes supplied)

  • Automotive Glass (supply & fit)

  • Glass Repairs (supply & fit)

  • Glass Replacement (supply & fit)

  • Shatterprufe Glass (supply & fit)

  • Domestic glass (supply & fit)

  • Flat glass, plate glass and sheet glass (supply & fit)

  • 24 Hour call out system


Glass Repairs Guarantee


Unhappy with the fitment/workmanship of your replacement windscreen, we will repair/replace it!

Unhappy with the chip repair of your replacement windscreen, we will repair/replace it!

The guarantee is valide for one year.

The original invoice services as the guarantee. For the guarantee to be valid, the vehicle owner must produce the original invoice corresponding to the work to be done.


Shatterprufe Replacements:

a.) Shatterprufe replacement guarantee covers: leaks, delaminatin, wind noise.

b.) This guarantee excludes: rust, UV damage and wear & tear


Chip Repair:

a.) In the case of Wynberg Glass Chip Repairs, every effort is taken to ensure that a chip being repaired does not run during the process. This, however, does occure infrequently(+/- 5%). Wynberg Glass cannot be held responsible in this case.

b.) If a customer is dissatisfied with the workmanship, credit will be given towards the purchase of a new Shatterproof windscreen.

c.) If the original repair was covered by insurance, credit will be given to the insurance company and the customer will be liable for the excess, if any.

Tampering with the windscreen in any manner will render the guarantee null & void.

Supplying and Fitting


Our professionally trained staff ensures that your glass is safely loaded so that it reaches its destination in the same perfect condition in which it left our production facility.

We are constantly evolving our packing and loading techniques to ensure easier off-loading, minimal breakage, and other safeguards to combat seasonal changes in climate. We have a mobile service where a team comes out to fit.


We can replace any automotive glass that has been damaged. Call us to find out the availability of your glass today.

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